Sort and Separation is the most important step in the processing of scrap material. Materials that come in from our clients are never just one material; they are often molded or assembled with other material and may contain other contamination. Whatever it is, VIR has the technology and equipment to separate any material. VIR employs the most updated technology for sorting and separating because we understand how important it is to properly separate each material. Improper separation will cause reprocessed material to be of lower quality or cause material to be entirely unusable for some purposes. For highly specified purposes such as film blowing, it is critical that our equipment does perform.

    a. Sophisticated machinery

    b. Most important phase of recycling of high grade, highly specified material

    c. Experienced with all materials, can efficiently separate

    d. Equipped with many sorting and separation lines

    e. Zero landfill, use all recyclable contents of the material collected