Our Commitment

Our commitment is to the environment as well as to our partners. We strive to help our partners and our world to reduce the use of energy and other valuable resources. It is our goal to create a better environment for generations to come. With state of the art equipment that were either purchased or developed in-house, we are able to efficiently produce quality material at a low cost to our partners and our environment.

The process that VIR carries out is completely clean and environmentally friendly. VIR carries a zero-waste policy in which there will be no byproduct generated that will end up in landfills. All the material will be recycled and re-used. Even water is recycled and re-used at most of our plants. A large water treatment system is installed specifically to reduce the amount of water used and amount of pollution released into our environments. By working with VIR, manufacturers know that they are getting quality service and product, while also helping the environment.

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Our Commitment