There are three main stages for VIR to help our clients include getting the material, processing the material and supplying the material back to Manufacturers. All processing stages are quality controlled. Provide highly transparency of the controlled process, manufacturers are welcome to schedule multiple visits to all facilities to monitor the recycling process. Here is the overview of the major processes of our service cycle.

Collection : Collecting returns from retail stores and moving to manufacturing return centers for baling.

Bailing : Baling all unwanted or un-repairable products and shipping to recycling separation plants in China.

Sorting : Separating all returns into different types of plastics and metals and transferring to reprocessing plants.

Reprocessing : Reprocessing different types of plastic from the separation plants by washing, drying and extrusion processing. The repro-pellets will then be shipped to manufacturing plants in China.

Producing : Producing parts with repro-pellets in manufacturing plants.