Collection of plastic a scrap material has always been difficult issue to tackle, but it is also one of the crucial steps to effective Vertical Integrated Recycling. Many don’t know where to start. This is where VIR can help you. With a vast network of collection facility operators, recyclers, and government agencies around the world, we can put together a plan that will allow us to help you collect items efficiently.

Our staff can offer professional consulting on your company’s current recycling practices. With many years of experience in the industry, we have seen many successful companies have done to collect and recycle their plastic scrap material. Therefore, we offer our clients solutions that are often very creative and practical. In addition, VIR attends many recycling conferences around the world to be updated on the latest methods and news in the industry.

    a. Offer creative solutions

    b. Consulting on current recycling practices

    c. A network of collectors that we can work with