Vertical Integration is no new concept in the business world. But to Recycling, vertical integration has always been a challenge because recycling is completely different from anything else. Vertical Integrating with recycling requires a vast network in the industry from collecting and sorting to processing. Each step is highly specialized and unique in its own way, thus making it difficult to be fully vertically integrated. At VIR, we have been able to successfully help many manufacturing companies vertical integrate their manufacturing process. VIR helped many to be more efficient, thus cutting cost, and cutting the demand for our natural resources. VIR helps you cut out the all the middle man and supplies companies back with 100% recycled material per desired specification.

VIR is very experienced in the recycling of plastic scrap material. To continue with the current market, VIR continues to import the best recycling technology from all over the world, and thus therefore provides a recycling solution that is green, efficient, cost effective, and high quality. There is no other company in the world that can provide manufactures with the service and quality like VIR. In China, there are numerous recycling companies that claim to offer quality recycling service, but many often do not meet specification. At VIR, we provide you with a certification and guarantee that our reprocessed material will be made exactly to what is specified.

Vertical Integration Company provides a complete recycling solution to companies both large and small.
  1. Facilitate the setup of collection points and the logistics to efficiently collect recyclables
  2. Consolidate all recyclable materials for shipping
  3. Logistics for all material to be shipped to one of T&T’s processing plant
  4. Sort and separate all materials for reprocessing
  5. Reprocess and pelletizing of material per manufacturer’s specification
  6. Ship new, reprocessed material to manufacturer’s designated location for reuse.
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